Mountain View CDP Nuisance Mitigation


  • An ambient sound study will be conducted for each location prior to construction by a professional acoustic 3rd party company.
  • Temporary walls will be utilized as a result of a sound study on a pad by pad basis as needed.
  • “Quiet” stimulation equipment utilized.


  • Access roads will be constructed, monitored and maintained to minimize any local interruption. All traffic will be routed to main roads to the extent possible.
  • Dust suppression will consist of periodic water and magnesium chloride applications.


  • All long-term facility structures will be painted tan to blend in with the natural landscape.
  • All surrounding landscape will be restored to original use and condition.
  • A permanent security fence will be installed around the well and facility pads.


  • All lighting at the well pads and production facilities will be oriented in a downward position during construction to minimize glare and community impacts.