Plug and Reclamation Efforts

We are committed to modernizing the DJ Basin by replacing vintage wells with new horizontal development. Our Comprehensive Development Plan allows us to take a thorough look at all the vintage wells within the strategic area and determine a remediation plan. Plugging and reclaiming wells allows SRC Energy to give surface land back to owners and helps consolidate new well sites for horizontal drilling. Wellbore mitigation, an alternative option, allows us to ensure the integrity of the vintage wells and production facilities.

Well Plugging

The plugging process involves a series of cement caps, all tested, to ensure isolation from deep hydrocarbon zones.


Surface reclamation gives us the opportunity to work with local landowners. When we plug and reclaim, we remove the vintage equipment and tank batteries thus giving the property back to landowners to enjoy for open space or agricultural use.


Reclaiming facilities offers a big benefit for Colorado’s greenhouse gas emissions and clean air goals. With the removal or repair of facilities, we’re able to significantly reduce levels of VOCs, NOx, and CO2.