Mountain View CDP

About SRC Energy

SRC Energy was founded in Colorado by Coloradoans. After drilling the company’s first operated horizontal well in May of 2013 approximately 10 miles north of Greeley Colorado, today SRC Energy safely operates over 400 horizontal wells in the DJ Basin and has more than 150 employees who all live and work in Colorado. The company is proud to contribute to the rich history of mineral development which is the historical foundation of Colorado’s economy.

Mountain View CDP Overview

This producing field in Weld County has helped Colorado become the fifth largest energy producer in the country, providing jobs throughout the area. As our technology continues to improve, we’re recovering more underground resources which is a benefit to the State, the communities, and the mineral rights owners. Working with state regulators, our comprehensive drilling plan will consolidate drilling and production to one operator within the strategic CDP area. When completed and coupled with our reclamation of other wells in the area, our project will reduce the total number of locations in the area by 95%.

Consolidated Operations

  • Through technological advancements coupled with reclamation of older wells, we can ultimately reduce the surface disturbance in this region by as much as 85%. Currently in the CDP area, 1,012 acres are dedicated to prior energy activity. Under our plan, SRC Energy’s smaller pad sites will use only 150 surface acres and our aim is to reclaim the old surface area reducing the total footprint by as much as 862 acres.
  • Our identified plan has targeted hundreds of old legacy wells for potential reclamation, which even with our proposal built out, we could reduce the total number of wells in the CDP area by as much as 30%.
  • Reduced Air Emissions means Improved Air Quality


Working with a single operator means increased transparency in development schedules and plans